Prayers Please

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Hello everyone. I know it’s been quite some time since I last posted. Summer has kept me quite busy. I hope everyone else is having a lovely summer. Those weeds sure seem to grow back the minute you pluck ’em. Summer is a blessing but also stressful, but we should always just try to take things one day at a time, although that can often be hard.

The reason I’m posting today is to ask for some prayers. I have been struggling with a few different physical ailments and they have had me quite discouraged lately. I sometimes have deep feelings of depression, which I believe are associated with my physical pains and frustrations as well as other stresses at home such as worrying about my husband’s future with Multiple Sclerosis and other dear family members who are sick. I know God tells us not to worry, but it is indeed difficult at times. Please pray for my strength and that I will completely trust my God and worry less. I have periods of happiness and periods of sorrow. I know this will continue to and extent as long as I am on earth, because this is a sin filled world. Please pray that God will give me strength as I grieve over my deceased father, and deal with other stresses in life. I know God has got my back.

One of my physical issues that I am requesting pray for is a but personal, but I know God hears prayers of His children all over the world. Since I have been young, I have been dealing with an overactive bladder. It has really messed with my quality of life. I often have times where I have to go to the restroom two or three times at church, and quite often at work. Traveling on road trips can be a burden with this as well. I am going to see a Urologist next week to see if they can finally get me straightened out. I would love to focus more on God and this beautiful life and less on having to use the restroom constantly. Please pray for God’s hand in this situation.

My other physical ailment that has me down more that anything else is my jaw. I have mentioned this in a previous post, but I have been struggling with TMJ disorder for over seven years now. I have went to different dentists looking for help, and have only received some relief. When I chew, my jaw muscles tire quickly. My jaw pops loudly. When I open and close my mouth, my jaw shifts quite far to the side. It’s hard to eat so many things that I would love to eat. Praise God I can still sing, because that is so important! I am torn as to what I should do next concerning this jaw disorder. I’ve been told that I need braces, but I fear that this may make my problem worse. There is another therapy called DTR therapy that can possibly help my jaw muscles to relax and my bite to fit together better, causing healing. This therapy is rare and a newer option, which means I would have to drive or fly for hours just to find a doctor who could do it for me.  I want to try to get this thing fixed, but it’s been one of the most discouraging journeys in my life. Please pray for God’s guidance in what I should do next. The other issue concerning this is finances. Braces cost over $5000 and DTR therapy can be anywhere from $5000 to $9000. TMJ issues are not covered my insurance and many places do not accept payment plans. This has discouraged me as well because although my husband and I have always had everything we’ve needed, we don’t have near that kind of money. I really feel like I need to get something done about my jaw joints before it gets worse, but I just don’t know what to do. Please ask God to put His hand on me for healing, or for making the right decisions. I need guidance. I may even need surgery to fix the discs in my jaw joints. I’m just not sure.

I know God is good and just, and He will always be there even in my times of sorrow. If you guys have any ideas or advice, they would surely be welcome. Love you all!

28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28

God bless,

Charity Yates


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